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Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Welcome! More registration information is coming soon.

Group lessons are designed for a young child’s introduction to the water and basic swimming. There are two levels available to members, Level 1 and Level 2 that offer pool safety instruction and basic water skills, see descriptions below. Lessons are held in the junior/wading pool (near the fire pit).

We advise that swimmers and parents/guardians arrive at Northwest Branch 5-10 minutes before the class starts. Parents are allowed to enter the grounds for the icebreaker we conduct at the beginning of the class, and will be asked to move out of the area after the introductions/icebreaker. We encourage students to learn swim skills on their own. There will always be a lifeguard certified instructor on duty in the event of an emergency.

Sessions & Fees
Each session is 30 minutes (one hour for Sunday sessions). Fees are $120 per child for members, $135 per child for nonmembers for each 10-day session (Mon-Friday mornings). Sunday sessions are $85 for members, $100 for nonmembers. Weekday evenings (Mon, Tues & Thurs) are $75 for members, $90 for nonmembers. Payment must be made via check Northwest Branch Recreation, Inc. on the first day of the swim session. We are not able to accept payment via Venmo or PayPal.
Questions? Contact us at grouplessonsnwb@gmail.com.  

Level 1
Swimmers will become familiar with pool safety including how to properly enter and exit the pool. Swimmers will practice the following:
  • Getting face wet
  • Blowing bubbles through the mouth and nose
  • Sitting down and standing up in the shallow end of the pool
  • Jumping up and down in waist-deep water
  • Bobbing up and down in waist-deep water
  • Front and back glide and then recovering to a vertical, upright position
  • How to kick while holding onto the wall
  • Back floating
  • Alternating kicking/simultaneous kicking while using a kickboard
  • Rolling front to back/back to front
  • Doggie paddle and freestyle arm movements
  • Treading water in chest-deep water
  • Freestyle arm movements while standing and using legs

Level 2
Swimmers will cover all of the skills learned in Level 1 and will also practice the following:

  • Treading water in deeper parts of the pool
  • Swimming on back
  • Jumping into chest-deep water from the side of the pool
  • Bobbing up and down in chest-deep water
  • Diving for pool toys
  • Doggie paddle and freestyle arms